SIEGE™’s commitment to the environment and sustainability pervades every aspect of our business. 

  • Manufacturing, shipping, and selection of raw materials.  Our products are manufactured on low/no-emission production lines.  Our inventory management and storage are optimized to reduce space requirements and associated carbon footprint.  Our multitude of shipping vendors compete to earn our business based not just on price and reliability, but on their efficiency and environmental awareness.  
  • Operations and Administration.  At SIEGE™, we blend the power of the individual’s innate desire to do right by the environment, with corporate policies and programs that make it easy for them to do so.

SIEGE™ is proud to have developed a unique and longstanding relationship with Prospectus Berco and Berkley Industries, packaging companies dedicated to inspiring people with disabilities or other special needs to lead meaningful lives by providing innovative services that promote dignity and respect.  Over many years, SIEGE™ has provided Prospectus Berco and Berkeley with thousands of man-hours of productive, rewarding work, enabling hundreds of special needs individuals to engage in and enjoy working. 

SIEGE™ also has a steadfast commitment to USA manufacturing. Most of our products are Made in the USA from imported materials,