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P-35 Cloudy To Clear Glass Powder Cleaner

P-35 Cloudy To Clear Glass Powder Cleaner

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Item P-35 Cloudy to Clear Glass Powder Cleaner is a product designed to quickly clean and shine glassware. This glass powder cleaner is simple to use and can help restore cloudy glass back to a crystal-clear finish. With its non-abrasive action, you can safely, easily, and effectively keep your glassware clean - without harsh chemicals or scrubbing!

Removes Built Up Dishwasher Stains & Water Spots

Keeps Older Glassware Looking Its Best!

Odorless - Contains No Dyes or Fragrances


1. Sprinkle some cleaner into the bottom of the glass.
2. Add warm water from the tap – enough to dissolve the powder and then take your sponge and clean both the inside and the outside of the glass until clear.
3. Rinse and then hand dry with cloth or paper towel.

Note: Although rare, some marks may be etched or scratched and are permanent.

For best results use this product often.


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