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P-12P Copper Powder Cleaner

P-12P Copper Powder Cleaner

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The P-12P Copper Powder Cleaner is a cleaning solution that efficiently removes dirt, dust, and debris from copper surfaces. Its formula does not contain any harsh chemicals.  Let the professional-grade #P-12P Copper Powder Cleaner make your copper surfaces shine without any of the abrasive chemicals.

Removes discolorations from copper cookware. 

Keeps your cookware looking its best!

Cleans quickly and easily to restore bright luster.

Removes rust stains from porcelain sinks, tubs & tile.


1. Wash surface with warm soapy water & rinse thoroughly.
2. Sprinkle cleaner over a still wet surface.
3. Rub with a wet sponge.
4. Rinse off immediately and dry thoroughly.


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